How to upgrade to a lifetime subscription?




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    Aubrey Hays

    I would like to buy a lifetime subscription for my family. They each have their own apple ID. Before I buy, can you please tell me if the lifetime family plan carries over to all of our accounts?

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    Iván Caballero

    Hi Aubrey Hays,

    Thank you so much for taking interest in our app and for supporting us!

    All of our apps support Apples Family Sharing feature. for all iOS devices (iPhones or iPads) To learn more about this feature, please click here.

    However, Android does not have this feature just yet, nor can the apps be shared across different software. In other words, if you are using an iPhone or iPad you cannot share apps across Android devices and vice-versa. We are sorry we can't help you in this case. 

    We wish you happy Blubbing!

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